May 23, 2017

Your November Gardening Task List

For homeowners who keep a garden, with the change of seasons comes a task list. There are basic tasks for gardeners -- for example, raking the leaves, sharpening your tools. And, there are advanced … [Read more...]

How Choosing Kitchen Colors Can Affect Your Eating Habits

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and instantly felt hungry? Rarely do people think about the colors that they choose to paint their kitchens. They are often too busy worrying about whether … [Read more...]

Making Coupon-Free Savings At The Supermarket

The average family puts 10-15 percent of its monthly spending toward food, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of Agriculture, with most of that food purchased at a … [Read more...]

Utah 4th of July Fireworks, Parades, Rodeos, Concerts and more…

Salt Lake City will celebrate Independence Day in a big way with festivities throughout the Salt Lake area. With fireworks restriction throughout the state, it seems like a much better idea to take … [Read more...]

Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Around Salt Lake and Ogden

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the day in 1862 when the Mexican army fought back and defeated the French army in a David-and-Goliath-like battle. And May 5th this year also happens to be the annual Run … [Read more...]

Real Estate Descriptions and What The Really Mean

On the lighter side today - You have seen these home descriptions in the Homes for Sale section of your newspaper and on the flyers but do you know what the descriptions really might mean. Thought I … [Read more...]

Magic 8-Ball Forecast for 2012

Copied from the Wall Street Journal, this article by Al Lewis, a columnist for the Dow Jones Newswire in Denver might be on to something. Here is the original article. Al's Magic 8-Ball Forecast by … [Read more...]

Utah Remodeling Cost vs Value Analysis

Remodeling Magazine's annual report on the cost and return on investment for 35 popular remodeling projects came out in the November, 2011 issue.  A sluggish housing market continues to push down … [Read more...]

Qualifications to be President of the United States

NATURAL BORN CITIZENS BEWARE..... This just might make your day a little brighter!! We just might have bigger problems than Democrats versus Republicans. In a Purdue University classroom, they … [Read more...]

Free Meals and Discounts for Veterans

Veteran’s Day is November 11 and this year many national restaurant chains and companies will provide Vets with free meals and discounts. Also over 100 National Parks will be participating in a “no … [Read more...]